About Fraud Reporting System

Fraud Reporting System (FRS) is a dedicated web portal for members of the Hong Kong Association of Banks (HKAB) for the purposes of (i) checking the status of all merchants with transport layer security (“TLS”) server certificates that have been issued by the Hongkong Post and (ii) lodging enquiries regarding potential fraud or unlawful cases and matters, concerning faster payment system service (FPS) app-to-app payment e-certificates and verification of merchants.

With this Fraud Reporting System, the HKAB member is able to:
• Search for the FPS server e-Cert status of an entity and its details,
• Decide the status of the e-Cert of an FPS transaction in question for an enquiry case,
• Centralize all the enquiry cases it intends to forward to authorities for investigation and handling,
• Keep track of the enquiry cases on behalf the consumers,
• Conduct dialogue with the Customer Support of Certizen to make sure sufficient information has been submitted for each case,
• Request details through Certizen Customer Service on investigation results from authorities,
• Keep record/statistics of enquiry cases for decision support.

The Fraud Reporting System will enhance the visibility of the FPS usage to the bank and assist in improving customer satisfaction, transaction safety, and potentially assist in fraud detection and prevention.

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